Entry: Does Size Matter? (Graphic Design Notes). Jun 20, 2017

Last time I went over the qualities that determine an excellent logo. This time around, I want to discuss a real life example that included a recent project that had recently completed. A fashion show hired us to polish up their branding, marketing materials, step and repeat banners, and producing and updating a social media presence for their upcoming event.

Among the stipulations to this occasion was that sponsors were permitted to have their logos showed on the printed products, including post cards and banners. Much of these logos looked terrific on the banners, but became unclear when they were sized down to fit onto the smaller postcard. Too many colors ended up blurred and text turned illegible, overly complicated shapes were distorted into something indistinguishable.

When developing a terrific logo design for your company, you will need to create one that will look clear and presentable at any size. Take your time to intentionally think about the colors, shapes, and font.

Too many colors can easily become blurred. Likewise, colors that are in the very same family can blend together, losing their distinction. Attempt sticking to no greater than 2 or 3 colors that are plainly distinct near each other. Red and yellow or orange and black are two examples of extremely contrasting colors. Teal and sky blue may blend too quickly in such a small space.

Shapes can become obscured easily, especially when there are many small lines and angles. Too many overlapping images might become a senseless blob. Rather than footprints and flowers, look at simple squares, triangles, or circles for your logo.

Some fonts are unreadable at any size, but others look fine as a letterhead or business card. Keep the words to a minimum as logo designs are supposed to be images, not wording. Avoid flowery scripts or any extremely detailed typefaces that might become illegible when sized to fit onto different media.

Thanks for reading-- I hope you have a better understanding of why the little details are very important in logo design.

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