Jul 17, 2017
Why Businesses Need to Have a Professional Photographer Shoot Their Products

When marketing products, it is critical that a business presents in depth imagery, else their interested clients might end up purchasing from a rival. While it is conceivable for a business owner to take the photos themselves, it won't up to par with professional photography, and could cause a business to lose the edge on the market. Imagery doesn't just enhance the clarity of the item for customers, but the value as well. When a true professional is taking photographs, they can locate that angle that makes your product shine, glow, or whatever it may need to be. The quality of a professional photograph is typically something that stands out. These sorts of photographs can increase the reputation and value of a business, giving it the edge.

Developing a portfolio is essential for a company, it builds up their reputation, but having subpar photographs can counteract the effort. When showing off projects, it is necessary to establish authority and capability. Having low grade images doesn't necessarily negate these efforts, but it doesn't necessarily help either. Business owners should also keep in mind that their competitors may be using higher quality photographs, and this can make the difference. The benefit to choosing a professional photographer exceeds the quality of pictures. Anyone can acquire a high-resolution camera and take a few photos, however, a professional photographer will understand how to tell a story with photography. When working with a professional, businesses can feature each portfolio item with high quality photographs that tell the story of their work, instead of just showing it.

Online stores can be a fantastic resource, and extend a business's ability to sell and establish itself, so long as the website is appealing to clients. There are various aspects to making an exceptional website, and possessing professional photography is one of them. User's going to a website form an opinion almost instantly, and whether it is bad or good depends on the quality and imagery put in front of them. Great imagery should not just be used on the front page though, but also the product pages, and even the checkout page. When showcasing great products, it is critical to use proper imagery to let interested consumers completely understand what is being marketed. Professional photographers are not only excellent at planning the images themselves, but also setting up the images in a way that compliments the website layout. Exceptional imagery will not only attract the users who are actively utilizing the website, but it will also leave a lasting impression, so that users may tell their buddies.

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Another detail that business owners should consider is their print collateral, things like business card, pamphlets, and so on. Numerous companies keep their business cards simple, but that leaves them empty looking. Having a professional photographer can turn a business's print collateral into a game changing advantage. Breaking tradition often draws attention, and putting elaborate and intentional imagery on business cards can give a business the edge that makes them rise above their competition. Business cards are relatively adaptive, and can likely be outfitted with a variety of pics. When working with a professional photographer, a business can outfit their cards with a more purposeful image. This will give a business an exceptional look that they can pull out of their pocket and hand to an interested person.

Having outstanding photography can enhance the look and feel of just about anything, including the Miami Hurricanes. DavidTurnley, a Michigan photographer and prior player of the Miami Hurricanes, worked with Jim Harbaugh to photograph the Miami Hurricanes in action. Turnely is an award-winning photographer, and it showed in his photography of the Hurricanes. The result was a huge photo album of the players, and up close shots of them in action. "He got photos and images you could not possibly stage" Jim Harbaugh testified. The photographs taken and published made an impact on team and their fans. Having the chance to see their team in action was great, but seeing them with such high-quality photographs made it better.

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Having a professional photographer available does not just help with taking the images, but also with knowing what photos to take and where to put them. Whether it is showing products, portfolios, business cards, or a sports team, a talent photographer can supply the edge needed. It allows for a business to show their true talent and value, and put themselves ahead of the competition.

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Jul 12, 2017
How Using Social Media Can Serve to help Your Metro Detroit Area Business Grow.

How Using Social Media Can Serve to help Your Metro Detroit Area Business Grow.

The economic climate home to greater Detroit area businesses is a brutal one where the strong survive and the weak seek bankruptcy protection. It certainly is a dog-eat-dog world awarding those Michigan enterprises adapting best to evolving market conditions, and completely punishing proprietors determined to remain mired in the business practices of yesteryear -- much like dinosaurs stumbling in tar pits.

There's no need to look any farther for a scenario than the appearance of one of the most seismic shifts in the history of the present day business world -- the arrival of social media. Just like radio spots and tv commercials produced new approaches to link with the purchasing public almost a century ago, social media-- as any strong social media management team can affirm -- is giving an immediate, interactive connection with buyers practically 24 hours a day.

Just think back to a mere 10 years ago, when smart phones were beginning to appear in the market place. Instantly it was becoming feasible for individuals to stay hooked up to present goings-on with pals without having the limiting tether -- usually in the style of a work computer. (Personal computers similarly struck a blow for availability that nowadays comes in the form of a tablet or other electronic device.).

Not unexpectedly, the increasing attraction of smart devices amongst perspective Michigan customers has been followed by a proliferation of social media Web sites built around interactive connectivity-- in the variety of Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube-- not to point out the subsequent significant alternative that may be released next week, next month or next year. None of these options could have been conceived of 15 years ago, but right now virtually every one of these social media sites is ubiquitous in the eyes of individuals proudly naming the millennial generation their own.

The bottom line of the condition is a sad one for organizations across the Detroit metropolitan area lacking a presence on these social media sites and several others. Corporations forgeting to take benefit of the opportunities provided by social media are willingly passing by a large -- and consistently growing-- shopper base as connectivity simply increases.

Breaking the particulars down to some of the most simple concepts that even the least technologically savvy business people among us can understand, consider likening traditional media forms (television and radio commercials and newspaper advertising campaigns, for example) to spear fishing. There is no easy-picking of fish in a barrel here, however.
Landing a fish (or more accurately, shoppers) mandates precise and carefully targeted messages connecting with a narrow target market. Conversely, effectively using social media outlets enables salespersons to direct their net broad-- reaching a much larger market-- at a relatively reasonably priced cost. (Seek an estimate for an internet ad, and then analyze costs with a television spot; the price difference will very likely speak for itself.).

The advantage in reaching new prospects is an obvious one, whether the retailer has been open for a year or a decade. Every new customer coming up to a cash register (or finalizing an online purchase, as shown by the growth in online purchases) translates into a far better bottom line for the establishment, along with the pledge of prospective repeat business. Returning patrons alone furnish a valuable commodity business owners in the metro Detroit area just can't afford to squander, in good times or bad.

More potential buyers are locating suppliers and their associated services specifically over the Internet. The tried-and-true advertising campaigns displaying in the yellow pages of the telephone book-- a counted on way to connect with consumers 20 years ago-- are now yellowing from sheer age. It's a communication failing to reach the eyes of shoppers any longer, taken over by the modern-day substitute to the phone book, social media outlets.
What is a Michigan business owner hoping to avoid obscurity to do in this modern business age? Keeping up with the tasks of a social media presence is entirely possible, and amazingly intuitive. There is definite work to be completed, however.

Any establishment operating in southeastern Michigan should be geared up to earmark resources-- and more significantly, the time-- necessary to continue to be current on the most up to date social media fads. Such a step lends credence to the company's typical and predicted interaction with shoppers.

Taking such an action towards social media relevance is a big step for any business. In the event such a commitment is simply not realistic due to budgetary restraints or support staff levels, an increasingly preferred choice amid business owners is turning the service over to a social media management group delivering a turn-key strategy to social media efforts.

What's the next ideal step for any organization looking at developing a more meaningful existence in social media circles? It begins with the comprehension that social media is where virtually every business needs to be.

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Jun 20, 2017
Does Size Matter? (Graphic Design Notes).

Last time I went over the qualities that determine an excellent logo. This time around, I want to discuss a real life example that included a recent project that had recently completed. A fashion show hired us to polish up their branding, marketing materials, step and repeat banners, and producing and updating a social media presence for their upcoming event.

Among the stipulations to this occasion was that sponsors were permitted to have their logos showed on the printed products, including post cards and banners. Much of these logos looked terrific on the banners, but became unclear when they were sized down to fit onto the smaller postcard. Too many colors ended up blurred and text turned illegible, overly complicated shapes were distorted into something indistinguishable.

When developing a terrific logo design for your company, you will need to create one that will look clear and presentable at any size. Take your time to intentionally think about the colors, shapes, and font.

Too many colors can easily become blurred. Likewise, colors that are in the very same family can blend together, losing their distinction. Attempt sticking to no greater than 2 or 3 colors that are plainly distinct near each other. Red and yellow or orange and black are two examples of extremely contrasting colors. Teal and sky blue may blend too quickly in such a small space.

Shapes can become obscured easily, especially when there are many small lines and angles. Too many overlapping images might become a senseless blob. Rather than footprints and flowers, look at simple squares, triangles, or circles for your logo.

Some fonts are unreadable at any size, but others look fine as a letterhead or business card. Keep the words to a minimum as logo designs are supposed to be images, not wording. Avoid flowery scripts or any extremely detailed typefaces that might become illegible when sized to fit onto different media.

Thanks for reading-- I hope you have a better understanding of why the little details are very important in logo design.

Graphic & Logo Design, Printing, Social Media Management, Web Design, along with other branding & business marketing strategies are just some of what we do at the Roseville, Michigan based Fusion Marketing.

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Jun 19, 2017
Top 10 Methods to Promote Your Auto Repair Shop

Most auto repair shops offer great services when it comes to repairing autos, but when it comes to marketing their enterprise they are out of their element. As we all know, every business needs effective promotion in order to prosper. This means that significant attempts will have to be placed on marketing your auto repair shop in order to keep a business that is profitable. You may also concentrate the marketing attempts both on looking for some new clients who can start doing business with your auto repair shop and also keeping your existing customers satisfied so that they can continue taking advantage of your services.
In case you run an auto repair shop and would like to exploit all the available opportunities since this is a very competitive business, take into account these ten easy and beneficial ways to market your auto repair shop.

1. Treat Your Clients well

One of the best ways of attracting customers to your auto repair shop is by word of mouth. Usually, Individuals will ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbors for endorsements when it comes to auto repair services. When you treat the clients well, it is obvious they will showcase your shop by telling other people about your good services. These suggestions will bring in desirable business for you on a regular basis.

marketing strategies for auto repair shops

2. Website

Your shop will necessitate a website since most people search on the web for such services. The website will include information on the location of the shop, the services you offer, pricing, hours, email signup and business contact details. The website text should be improved for SEO so that when someone looks for auto repair services within your area, your auto repair company will turn up among the first results.

3. Email Newsletters

You should come up with a circulation list from your customers and also those who check out and sign up in your website to get discounts from your shop. You can send regular newsletters to your email distribution list in order to remind all your potential customers to select your auto repair shop whenever they demand your services. The emails might contain information such as coupons, customer satisfaction stories and the promotions you're currently running.
4. Social Media

You can create social media accounts to help you connect with your with your potential and current clients. Use a Twitter account, a Facebook page or Instagram to make your client know each time you are running a particular special, promoting business trends and also to allowing folks share the remarkable experiences they have had with your auto repair shop. This will enable your future customers to get a good feel of the services you offer as well keeping your auto repair business on the minds of the current clients until the next time they necessitate your services.

5. Following Up With Your Old Customers

Online marketing is fantastic and it will increase your customer base, but you should also focus on some easy, traditional marketing. In case some of your customers have not been around for some time, you can call to check on them, and also provide them a free check up the next time they come to your shop.

6. Strategic Alliances

Looking for non-competing business with the same target market and passing business between each other is also one more form of effective marketing. If you are a regular repair auto center you can refer business to a glass and windshield replacement shop and also have them do the same. Once this method is done in a right way it becomes a win-win for both establishments. 7. Local Flyers Printing a small number of flyers and having them handed out in your community can also be an effective way of advertising and getting new clients. The best way to do this is to give a special offer to the potential customers which will be very difficult to refuse. 8. Sending Holiday Cards To Old Customers The holiday season is one of the best times to bring folks together and also remind your clients of your existence in the event that they need help in auto repairs. So create a playful and appealing holiday card that will put a smile on your client's faces.

9. Oil Change And Check Up Reminder

You can invest in your customers by sending them periodic notices to get their automobiles checked up or get their car oils changed. This is very easy to do since it is done auto-magically using your email software.

10. Online Review Sites Or Directories

Be sure that you prompt your customers to leave you good reviews on your social media pages or your Google reviews page. These valuable reviews will create a very strong buzz and also give you trust for everybody who reads it.

In conclusion, you can start doing just about everything listed above right now. Digital signage is cheaper and much easier than you think. And digital displays come loaded with some cool elements that make informing and delighting your clients seamless.

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